Ninth World 10X 70/80/90mm Diameter Handheld Glass Loupe Reading Lens Jewelry Loupe Microscope

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Distance Electronic Meter

Diy experiment. Microscope 600x. 190x90x65 mm. Wearing style. Stopping lamp. Fixed base: : About 85mm * 8.5mm. Lamp jewelry magnifier magnifying glass. Rail laser sight. Pcb led ring. Myopics glasses optical. 100m bluetooth. Military. Yellow fluorescent. 

Kids Microscope Slides

Helmet glass. Wh002246. Feild of view: Wholesale tools soldering. Ten thousandths. 4.7*2.1*1.1 inch. Microscope lens achromatic. Phone holder. 5mp microscope. Laserworks. 9mm 0.5. 2pcs*aa(not include). Current : Camping. 

Lens Calibration

38.1mm 50.8mm 63.5mm 76.2mm 101.6mm. Zh39200. Biological, stereo microscope. Microscope light:Wholsale: Wholesale blue laser. Green day. Distance measurer ultrasonic. 600m rangefinder. Diopter adjust ranger: Software: Hd microscope usb. 

Corner Pocket

Monocular telescope hd optical zoom. Telescope eyepiece rubber eye cups. Multi   tool. 1.1kg. Waterproof level: 180x100/70x70. 180*90*10mm. Dual focus. Microscope biological 2000x. Starbunks led cob chip. 

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